Academics at the University of York have launched a global community for researchers and industry stakeholders who share a focus on innovation in esports and sports.

The Arena Research Cluster (ARC) aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and inspire collaboration and innovation amongst researchers and industry professionals.

Forming a distributed think tank for the esports community, ARC provides a point of contact for expert knowledge. ARC’s online reference library serves as a vehicle to navigate the substantial but fragmented esports research spanning numerous disciplines. Members can also subscribe to an online mailing list to receive research updates.

ARC founding member and Professor of Computer Science at the University of York, Anders Drahen, says, “ARC is a vehicle through which researchers and professionals can connect, share resources and start new partnerships.”

“ARC aims to promote research to the wider esports community, celebrating the ground-breaking work taking place and its relevance and application for industry,” continues Drachen.

With innovations from esports transferring into traditional sports, and vice-versa, ARC also serves the physical sports and motorsports communities.The University of York is home to the world’s largest research team working with esports, which includes Digital Creativity Labs and the EPSRC  Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI). The University is also a member of the ESL-led Weavr consortium, providing world-class expertise in artificial intelligence/advanced machine learning and data analytics to help transform the way fans experience eports.

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