The Weavr R&D team is bringing new audience experiences to esports fans at the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC).

The DPC is a professional online tournament for competitive Dota 2. The circuit includes 96 teams playing in six regional leagues and culminates in an international final with a prize pool of $500,000USD.

Earlier this month, the team launched an updated version of the Weavr Twitch extension on two channels streaming live game play from division matches at two tournaments in the DPC European League: ESL One DPC and DreamLeague DPC. 

The extension gives users on-demand access to Weavr enriched player statistics, up to date tournament information and a data-driven story feed to provide key highlights and insights throughout the match. This makes for a rich interactive experience allowing the viewer more control over how they engage with live match streams.

One of the features presented via the extension is the Performance Index, a novel metric developed by the Weavr R&D team that fairly compares the playstyles of each player irrespective of their role. The index helps spectators to quickly and easily understand how their team is performing, and provides broadcasters with insights to enhance their commentary.

Weavr developers, working from home across the UK, have collaborated with the DPC broadcast team to integrate the Weavr data producer into the broadcast workflow so that it runs seamlessly, providing enhanced viewer experiences for every game of the season. 

The Weavr Twitch extension will run again during the European league finals, bringing new layers of data-driven content to both commentators and fans.

Weavr’s presence at the DPC circuit extends the reach of the project’s innovative R&D to new audiences and presents the output of advanced research in AI and data analytics coupled with state-of-the-art technology.


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