Anders is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science, co-director of the Digital Creativity Labs and Lead Analyst with Weavr at the University of York (UK). He also serves as Co-I and Lead Industry Liaison of the Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence Centre for Doctoral Research, and on a number of Special Interest Groups and Committees. He is a Co-Director of ARC.

About Anders

Anders is recognised as one of the world’s most influential people in business intelligence in the Creative industries, and a core innovator in the domain with 140+ scientific publications and numerous reports across game analytics, games user research and associated domains.

His work has assisted major international game publishers, as well as SMEs, make better decisions based on their data. As an interdisciplinary, veteran data scientist, his work has reached across user behaviour, user experience, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, information systems, human-computer interaction, digital business transformation, data visualisation, audience interaction, design, psychology and health.

He is editor/author of three field-defining books in the Creative Industries domain: “Game Analytics – Maximizing the Value of Player Data”, with over 175,000 downloads, “Games User Research” (, a standard work of reference in the games industry, and the upcoming “Game Data Science”. Major national print and international news outlets such as Wired, New York Post and Forbes have covered his research which has attained global attention. His work has received four best paper awards and two honourable mentions at major conferences. He is a member of multiple associations/committees. For some reason, sharks have tried eating him thrice. 

Key words

Game analytics, Games user research, Machine learning, Data science, Business intelligence, Behavioral analysis, Analytics, Games, User behavior analysis, Artificial intelligence, AI, Game development

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