Ben is a Lecturer in Interactive Media at the Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, University of York (UK). His work at the University also spans Digital Creativity Labs and Weavr

About Ben

Ben was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Game Design at the School of Computer Science, University of Lincoln, and before joining academia, worked in designing and developing digital prototypes for a wide range of public and private sector clients.

Ben’s work is deeply and passionately interdisciplinary and has been widely covered in both mainstream and specialist media. 

He has written papers in collaboration with designers, technologists, writers, futurists, animal behaviourists and activists, collaborated on teaching innovations with biological scientists and educational specialists, and secured funding for projects on social justice, games and VR. 

Ben has been invited to speak at events for artists, startups, and psychologists, and examined research degrees in psychiatry and business.

Key words

Game design, playful design, fiction, speculation, research through design, making, live events, social justice, mobile games, mobile development, football, sports, esports, board games, storytelling, aesthetics of play

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