Elena Petrovskaya is a research student currently completing a PhD programme with Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI) at the University of York.  

About Elena

Elena comes from a background of psychology, having completed a Psychology BSc and Human-Computer Interaction MSc at UCL. She has also worked on several data analysis projects across industry and academia, and thus accumulated an understanding of a variety of analytical techniques and research methodologies. 

In her PhD, Elena uses MOBAs as a test-bed to clarify on how humans make decisions under risk in high cognitive load, high pressure, co-operative environments. She hopes to understand whether risk-taking in MOBAs truly reflects human risky behaviour, and if not, the reasons behind this discrepancy. Elena takes a data-centric approach to this problem, trying to understand risk by working primarily with large gameplay datasets

Key words

Behaviour analytics, MOBA, Human-computer interaction, Player modelling

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