Günter is an assistant professor at the Eindhoven University of
Technology, Department of Industrial Design, adjunct professor at
Ontario Tech University, and a senior scientist at the University of
Applied Arts Vienna, Institute of Art & Technology.

About Günter

Günter’s research interests lie at the intersection of games user
research, data analytics, and information visualization. His work
particularly centers on understanding player behavior in games and on
researching methods to explore and communicate the collected data to
derive actionable insights for game design and development. As a leading
expert in game-data visualization, he is developing novel visualizations
to support the analysis of the increasingly large-scale player
behavioral datasets.

Günter is an active member of the games research community, has
published more than 60 peer-reviewed articles, and is frequent speaker
at international conferences. He is editor of ‘Data Analytics
Applications in Gaming and Entertainment’ book – a collection of works
from academia and industry on the topic of game analytics.

Key words

Visualisation, Behavioural analytics, Moba, Data analytics, User experience

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