Sondess Missaoui is a Research Associate in Artificial Intelligence with the Department of Theatre, Film, TV and Interactive Media, and Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York.

About Sondess

Sondess received a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence with a specialty in Decision-Making systems for Business Intelligence from the University of Carthage, and she obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Sciences at the University of Milano Bicocca (Italy).

Sondess’s Doctorate was a part of a European project MOBIDOC, entitled Context-aware approaches for Mobile Search. Her research explored the context-awareness technology for personalized recommendation that adapts its behaviour to the mobile and dynamic context without user’s awareness of the underlying technology.

Her research interests include Information Retrieval and Information Filtering, Natural Language Processing, Deep learning, News Verification & User-centred Artificial Intelligence.

Sondess is currently working on a Google News Initiative-funded project – DMINR, where the main focus is in combating mis/disinformation by designing a novel Human-centred AI tool for news verification. Her role is in exploring information retrieval and deep learning technologies to extract, merge, and monitor data.

Sondess is a co-Investigator in “After #AidToo: how can women report abuse?” a project funded by City Global Challenges Research Fund. She a reviewer in ACM and IEEE, interdisciplinary journals and conference series.

Key words

AI, Decision-making systems, Information retrieval, Information Filtering, Natural language processing, Deep learning, News verification, User-centred artificial intelligence

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