Engaging new audiences in horse racing with data-driven storytelling

An Innovate UK sponsored collaboration between PA Media Group and the University of York is developing a system, Symplex, that provides novel data-driven experiences for new and existing audiences in horse racing.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) recognises that audience engagement among young people is in decline. Despite being adapted to the digital world, horse racing is still presented in a traditional way that was established for print. This is unattractive to modern audiences, who want to consume social and visual means such as chat, video & infographics.

Symplex will:

  • Use historic and real-time data to provide engaging and informative story elements for these modern audiences.
  • Service existing markets complimentarily.
  • Tell a story before, during and after a race – to show how the race evolved and changed and what influenced that evolution and change
  • Present an entirely new product line.
  • Engage, inform and retain plus reach more people and drive traffic

The project partners have extensive expertise in a complementary range of areas relating to the creation of AI and data-driven audience experiences for sports.

PA Media Group is at the forefront of media innovation providing text, pictures, video and data to major media and digital brands around the world.

University of York researchers provide expertise in AI, data analytics and the development of new data-driven content from a user-experience perspective.

For more information contact Anders Drachen

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