As part of the latest chapter in the Weavr story, the University of York research and development team is creating a new analytics package for an FPS (first-person shooter) title, applying expertise in data and machine learning to a new genre of video game. 

Researchers are undertaking interviews with professional players to evaluate which analytics features are the most useful and exciting. This is helping to drive new research angles to enhance both gameplay and audience experience.

The team is also exploring product options to determine how esports viewers could engage with the new technology.

In parallel to the new R&D focus, researchers are continuing their work with Dota 2, developing natural language models to provide a new aspect of personalisation for fans of the multiplayer online battle arena game, via the Weavr Dota 2 Companion App.

A ground-breaking technology platform, the App translates live match data into interactive narratives and rich visualisations for esports viewers. It provides real-time updates of the virtual arena, on-demand highlights, live statistics, and highly personalised mixed-reality experiences.

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