ESL One Hamburg
© Photo by Graeme Duncan

An ongoing government-funded collaborative project, Weavr explores new audience experiences posed by the coming together of new forms of data analytics and immersive technologies in the context of esports.

The project brings together partners with extensive expertise in a range of areas relating to the creation of data-driven audience experiences including ESL, a leading global esports company and Dock10, the largest studio operator in the UK.

As University research partners, we provide expertise in game analytics and the development of new data-driven content forms from a user-experience perspective.

The project has developed software products including the Echo Suite and the Weavr mobile companion app.

Echo Suite allows esports viewers to experience immersive, highly interactive cross-reality narratives and data-driven stories surrounding live gameplay.

The Weavr app translates live match data into interactive narratives and rich visualisations for esports viewers. It provides real-time updates of the virtual arena, showcases important performances and live statistics, and provides a personalised compilation of on-demand highlights.

The development team evaluated the app during major esports tournaments, collecting and analysing feedback from thousands of users. Meanwhile, researchers have been able to analyse the data to publish novel research findings.

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